Matching the News

Recommended news are shown in the sidebar as a stack. Each article has a preview that is consisted of an image, a title, a short description and a category.

Searching the News

Real time instant full search. You can search with any keyword that is matched in the title, description or category of the article in the sidebar.

Customizing the News

Set the number of news cards shown in the sidebar, enable your location for better matching of the news related to your country or set a list of websites that the plugin won't take information

Removing or Hiding the News

Bored or tired of the sidebar? No problem! You can slide it to the left and hide it or you can press the red button and disable it permanently. Want it back again? You can press the Match the News button in the chrome extensions bar and enable it back.



Fast results coming directly from our server that does all the great work. The plugin itself does nothing more than showing the news.


Easy to use interface with simple tasks that don't need any further explanation. Anyone can use it without any special skills required.


Using multiple algorithms in our server, the plugin can find matching news easily by gathering only the text of the websites you are browsing without any extra effort from your side.

Up to date

Every 6 hours latest news are gathered from the AlchemyData News API of IBM Watson, as well as from New York Times & The Guardians APIs. Fresh and current news is what you really want while browsing the Internet.

Install the plugin via the Chrome Web Store

Install Match the News
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